Want to Get Freelance Clients This New Year?

Struggling to get clients despite all the remote work opportunities you see online? Got the right skill set and field experience, but still not getting enough remote work? How can you let your potential clients know what you got to offer?

What if there was a freelancing platform that made it easier for you to get clients so you could focus on delivering the best work possible?

Does Any of This Sound Like Your Freelancing Journey?

Let's face it. Freelancing is tough, even more so if English isn't your first language.

How can you get more clients and build long-term work relationships?

If you struggle with:

Secure payments

Communicating exclusively in English

Getting paid on time for your hard work

Securing projects in your freelancing niche

Receiving the right freelance-related guidance

Platforms taking a huge chunk of your hard-worked earnings

Tough platform regulations, such as minimum working hours

Standing out amongst the crowd in over-saturated markets

Mastering the essentials of freelancing such as writing a punchy resume and designing your portfolio

… then you’re in the right place!

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Loxala, a platform built with freelancers in mind

Loxala, Where Freelance
Clients Are Looking For
Talented Workers Just Like You!

Loxala is a freelancing platform designed to bring opportunities to non-native English speakers just like you! Want to generate income while working your
9-5? Now you can!

It's a platform that guides you through every step of your freelancing journey, from connecting you to clients who value your talent to making sure your payments are timely and secure

How Does Loxala Help Your Secure Remote Work?

Wondering what makes Loxala stand out among the crowd? Here are all the reasons why existing freelancing platforms make it so much harder to get clients and secure projects.

Here’s what they’ll promise you:

  • Tons of projects and clients
  • Guidance in nurturing client-worker relationships
  • High earnings
  • Regular work opportunities
  • Inclusivity
  • Multiple niches and industries
  • Technical support

But here’s why they can’t deliver on those promises:

  • Most clients want native-speakers
  • They make it hard to connect with clients and freelancers are on their own
  • Most forums take up to 20% of your earnings as their fee.
  • Too many freelancers, not enough work
  • Most platforms cater to just the English-speaking crowd.
  • Limited options and very few niches to choose from
  • Users often face glitches, causing them to lose time and miss deadlines
  • due to time differences and the platform’s delayed response

… that’s exactly why we need to change how we do remote work!

Why Choose Loxala as a Freelance Worker?

Loxala isn't just a platform that connects freelancers like you with clients looking for work. It's a complete, remote work solution for freelancers looking to broaden their horizons and clients looking for reliable talent to fill remote positions.

Here’s what to expect when you work with Loxala:

  • Fair payments
  • Exciting opportunities
  • Multi-lingual inclusivity
  • User support and helpline
  • Secure payments and transfers
  • Flexibility: take a break if you need one! Assistance during and after work projects
  • Diverse work opportunities in multiple niches
  • Email alerts every time a job is posted in your field.
  • Long-term work relationships that benefit you and your client
  • Affiliate program for workers that helps you generate passive income

Clients and opportunities are waiting for you, so why not sign up? It's completely free!

Make 2023 Your Best Freelancing Year Yet With Loxala.

At Loxala, we believe in equal opportunities, fair wages, and rewarding talent. That's why we guide our freelance workers on how they can grow in their fields and attract clients from all over the globe. We help bring opportunities to you so you can do what you do best, and deliver high-quality work for each one of your projects.

Loxala is committed to your growth as a freelancer. When you succeed, so do we as a community of freelance workers and clients. We understand how hard it can be to attract clients as non-native English speakers.

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